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Welcome to the Republic Navy Guild Website, Feel Free to Talk In Our Forums. We Are Currently In the Process Of Rebuilding Our Guild and this Site is Under Construction. We Are Not Accepting Applications or Engaging in Diplomatic Relations at this Time.

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 Stratfords Shiny Office Stacks

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PostSubject: Re: Stratfords Shiny Office Stacks   Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:08 am

1 Definitions
In these Conditions the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise:-
Advertisement - Any advertising material supplied by the Client for transmission by the Internet from the website.
Applicant - The person who submitted the CV to and whose details are set out within a CV
Client - The person, firm or company to whom the Services are provided by
Contract - The contract for provision of the Services
CV - The curriculum vitae of an individuals education, training and employment experience which is provided to for distribution to potential employers or their agents.
End Client - The person(s) firm or company to whom the Clients services are provided
Fees - The fees and charges payable by the Client as specified in the Contract - The domain name owned and used by Gensa Ltd.
Services - The service to be provided by for the Client and referred to in these Conditions, the website registration form and order form.
Lineage Advertisement - Advertisements which contain text only and available online
Order Form - The order form as supplied by
Slot - An Advertising space allocated to the client by to allow publishing of a vacancy profile.
Term - The term of the contract as specified therein
Vacancy Week - A consecutive period of seven days during which an entry or advertisement is made available on the site.
Website - The website on the World Wide Web at
2 General

College Flags
business for sale
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Stratfords Shiny Office Stacks
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