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 Sheppard Robsons 399 Edgware Road Approved

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PostSubject: Sheppard Robsons 399 Edgware Road Approved   Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:36 am

Sheppard Robsons 399 Edgware Road Approved

Development Securities 399 Edgware Road in the London Borough of Brent has been approved by the local council.

Designed by Sheppard Robson the scheme with boast a mixture of residential, and retail plus a new school and parking occupying the 7.5 acre site and set to cost a total of £200 million.

This will consist of 500 new flats in a series of buildings rising to 72 metres in height above 32,000 square metres of new retail space. There will also be a whopping 1,000 parking spaces.

At the heart of the design is a hierarchical organisation of the blocks in question moving from public to private as they progress whilst the public spaces develop from retail zones to more and more enclosed quieter rest areas. Height also progresses from the tallest in the north-east corner to shortest in the south-west corner to relate more to the scale of the surroundings.

There two different core areas, retail and residential, that on a basic level they are divided by vertical separation to differentiate between them.

This works by having the retail zone fill up the ground levels whilst the residential blocks stand atop of it and accessible via the roof deck that tops the retail level. Visual separation is achieved by having radically different designs for the retail levels to what is above them in effect splitting single buildings into two distinct parts.

The models of the façade treatment made by the architect show the retail sections clad in near-transparent blue glass with the residential levels in part set back from them and covered in more solidly with browns plus green and yellow panelling.

They are planned so that every single apartment within has the maximum amount of daylight at some time of day plus a balcony. There will also be green roofs on the scheme and extensive landscaping on with blocks fronting on to them in a courtyard type formula, the sort of thing London hasn't seen since the Barbican complex was built.

The main tower, Building A, has been designed to stand alongside the nearby Merit House and serve with it's neighbour as a gateway to the area. It takes advantage of a raking form to create south facing terraces and semi private balconies on the upper floors as well as commanding views towards Wembley Stadium in the north of London.

There's no start date on the scheme yet but when it does go-ahead we should have one of the most interestingly modernist developments in London for a long time that utilises the space well without just being another sprawling mall

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Sheppard Robsons 399 Edgware Road Approved
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