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 Howie Morenz was a member

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PostSubject: Howie Morenz was a member   Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:19 am

The Canadiens created "Builders Row" in 2006 to honour the off-ice members of the club who helped lead the team to success. Seven people were initially inducted: team founder Ambrose O'Brien, former owners Leo Dandurand, Joseph Cattarinich, Louis A. Letourneau, and Hartland Molson, former team president Donat Raymond, and special advisor William Northey.[177] In 2008, the team added its three legendary coaches to the Row: Dick Irvin Sr., Toe Blake, and Scotty Bowman. The three served a combined 36 years behind the Canadiens' bench from 1940 to 1979.[69]
[edit] Hockey Hall of Famers
Full profile of a balding ice hockey player in full uniform leaning forward on his stick with a serious look on his face.
Howie Morenz was a member of the first class of Hall of Fame inductees in 1945.
Half-length view of a portly, balding man wearing glasses as he walks down a street
Scotty Bowman coached the Habs to five Stanley Cups in the 1970s.

The Hockey Hall of Fame was created in 1945 with twelve initial inductees, including two Canadiens: Howie Morenz and Georges Vezina.[178] Morenz was considered hockey's first superstar, and in 1950 was voted the top hockey player of the half-century.[66] Vezina perfected the "stand up" style of goaltending in an era when goaltenders were not allowed to drop to their knees to cover the puck, and became the standard by which future goaltenders judged themselves.[51]

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Howie Morenz was a member
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