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 A new team in Toronto

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PostSubject: A new team in Toronto   Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:25 am

By November 1917, with the sale of Livingstone's Blueshirts still not completed, the remaining owners, realizing they were powerless under the NHA constitution to forcibly eject Livingstone, decided to suspend the NHA and form a new league without Livingstone.[18] On November 26, 1917, following several meetings of the NHA owners throughout the month, the National Hockey League was created at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal.[19] The new league was represented by Lichtenhein's Wanderers, Kennedy's Canadiens, Tommy Gorman on behalf of the Senators, and Mike Quinn of the Bulldogs. A new team in Toronto, under the control of the Toronto Arena Company, completed the five-team league.[10] The NHL adopted the NHA's constitution and named Calder its first president.[11] Quebec retained membership in the NHL, but did not operate that season, so their players were dispersed by draft among the other teams.[10

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A new team in Toronto
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