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 Another group with similar

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PostSubject: Another group with similar   Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:18 am

Malmö FF are well known for their large local following.[40] The club have several fan clubs, of which the largest is the official fan club MFF Support. It was founded in 1992. MFF Support describes itself as "an idealistic and non-political association working against violence and racism".[10] The current chairman of MFF Support is Ola Solér.[41]

There are also several smaller independent supporter groups. The most prominent of these is Supras Malmö, which was founded in 2003 by a coalition of smaller ultras groups and devoted fans.[42] The name "Supras" is derived from the words supporters and ultras – the latter indicating that the group is inspired by a fan culture with roots in the Mediterranean. Supras Malmö is the most visible group in the main supporter stand at Swedbank Stadion, marking its presence with banners, flags and choreography. Another group with similar goals is Rex Scania. MFF Tifosi 96 is a network of supporters creating tifos for special occasions and important games.[43] The average attendance for the club's games in the 2010 season was 15,194, the best attendance in Allsvenskan 2010.[44]

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Another group with similar
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